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I took your questions and hammered out some evergreen thoughts and opinions on the following; roster construction, stack settings, contest selection, MME strategy, common beginner mistakes, why cash games are not ideal anymore, and had a gripe session about investment entry level across the DFS industry. Please subscribe and drop that five star rating!

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Who am I? What do I provide and where can you get it?

A brief 22 second clip explains all that and more! Well, now much more. Maybe just a tiny bit more.

Are you ready for some Fantasy Football? If you haven’t ever done an auction draft or simply need a refresher on strategy, fire up this quick-hitting podcast and prepare yourself for battle!

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Want to win a tournament? Join me on this quick 11 minute podcast as we march our way to victory.

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Do you play DFS often or daily? It’s 2019, why in the world are you playing alone? Stop burning your investments to the ground before you have a chance to build something beautiful with your bankroll.

Listen up!

Didn’t the title do it enough justice? Oh, okay, well I am back. Get those auto downloads fired up and subscribe if you like winning dollars and lots of them.

I break down my personal core players for each site and discuss my personal strategy for the Friday night main slate.

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I broke down the NBA DFS main slate for FantasyDraft, FanDuel (9:00 minute mark) and DraftKings (18:00 minute mark) with my personal picks and strategies.

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What do we do with James Harden on this gorgeous #NBA #DFS main slate? I break down how to build a lineup with Harden on each site and then how to build a lineup without him on each site.

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Join me as I break down the Saturday #FanDuel and #DraftKings #NBA #DFS main slate in a game by game breakdown format. www.dfsarmy.com promo DONUTS is 10% off!

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